Monday, August 21, 2006

Divided by Four

Here's the thing. My life is divided by number 4.

Everything, and I mean everything seems to be devided by four. I sometimes find myself walking from my 2nd floor flat to my car.
It's four steps from the door to the stairs. It's 4 x 4 steps to the first floor (via stairs) . It's four steps to the staircase and 4 x 4 steps to the backdoor of our 4floor building. It's then 4 x 4 steps to the car.

So I'm finally inside the car and everything seems real cozy. It seems that my car is the only place that I don't run into my 'divided by four' problem.

You might say it's an obsession...I say it's a sum of small insignificant things.

I sometimes count steps. I don't dodge the seams of tiled rocks on street. People with obsession do this.

Oh well, maybe I'm obsessed. My work revolves around the number four. I create polygons and polygons are four sided things (or they should be if they are done properly). They are the primitives that create the whole. I also create images on computer that hold inside millions of pixels. Images themselves are four sided. Four seems to be the ultimate number and a standard to base everything upon.

Everything is obviously divided by one. But that is just too simple. 4 is a number that is high enough but small enough to divide things. Almost everything people do requires at least four steps to accomplish. Eight on the other hand is too high number. If you count the actions of your doings it's most convinient to divide those by 4.

Try it.


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