Sunday, August 27, 2006

Global Cars

I saw today the new pixar/Disney animation 'Cars'.

I think that pixars 'Finding Nemo' is untitled king of highend animation. And still is.

I cannot put my finger on anything that didn't or did work with 'cars' but I was a bit disapointed. Maybe it's just because I'm European and this American muscle car thing just doesn't fit in my head. It had of'coz some 'european' characters init and I have to admit that those characters were hilarious. It just seemed that it wasn't a global movie. It was made by Americans for Americans.

Finding Nemo also tried to please the global audience with some minor european flavors like the ever so exellent Jacques the french shrimp. I must also protest that he didn't get enough screentime damit!

In Cars there were these two italian "Ferrari freaks" who haven't never seen a actual Ferrari; Luigi and Guido. It just seemed that these two characters were added to please european audience and they did without a doubt but otherwise the movie was culturally North-America oriented.

Story itself was based on greek Narkissos-mythology. Sorry, but seen it too many times.

Ok. Now that I have trampled over the Pixar it's time to get to the positive things in Cars :)

At times this movie was just beautiful. Take a look on the fast paced little roadtrip that the main characters Lightning McQueen and Sally are taking at the middlepart of the movie. Total jawdropper! Mainly the car design is just wonderfull and the animation is flawless. These things bring points to this movie. Also the tractors are hilarious!

Cars isn't a great movie but it's not a bad one either. There are some annoying narrative mistakes and scenes that clearly build base for some future event but those events never actually happen.

oh, Michael Schumachers Ferrari in the end was day saver... It was almost as funny when my (male) friend mistaken some finnish athlete in TV for a women and made a sexually oriented comment...oh the embarrasment! Todays lesson: Go see Cars if you like and know that also men have ponytails nowadays :D


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