Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Light Saver

Don't worry, that topic is not result of bad spelling. This is not about Star Wars.
It's about politics.

I love my home town. It has some (but few) job opportunities that other northern cities cannot offer and it has a big heart.

One thing that I don't love is the policy how the city saves money in electricbills. Tonight I had to walk from my friends flat to my home and it's roughly 3km. It's dark and there are practically no streetlights on. So I had to wander in complete darkness and the Rovaniemi is building sites and streetimpovement sites promised land. Twice I almost twisted my angle on a loose rock and once stumbled to a small hole on the pavement.

Dear County politicians: Remember, people who walk, don't have dynamos and driving lights attached to their pants!

This is all I have to say for tonight and now it's time to get some sleep, because it's my first day at the job tomorrow...wish me luck and hope I don't suck. More tomorrow, over and out.


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