Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Megaman is a mummy

I visited today my parents and my mother had bought needlepoint materials (canvas, needle and various colored threads) from the local sewingshop.

She also had some books about needlepoint(-ing). I'm not so big fan of needlepoint sewing (Youngish manlymen like me tend to dispice that sort of thing) and I was pretty bored with the whole idea of 'needlepoint'.

Then it struck me, as I browsed some of the books about needlepoint. I - do - that - almost - everyday!!
Technique is not the same, but basic idea is pretty much identical. I do sometimes isometric pixel art or sprites. Basicly needlepoint is oldschool pixel art! It's the equivalent of sculpture compared to 3D modeling. One you do with your own hands and the result is concrete as the later is done with computer and the result is digital.

Suddenly I felt great urge to start needlepoint. I was in the primesource of pixel art and I felt blessed by Gods! Could this be where it all started? Obviously not. The same limitations were present during the invention of needlepoint as it was when first pixel art was created. It's laborous task to place thousands of pixels (or points) to canvas and computer (or human brain) have limitations of colorpalette that gives the pixels/points it's distinctive hue. So in the dawn of computers for example MSX had low processing capability and couldn't handle more than 16 colors and 256×192 pixels. Pretty much the same standards as needlepoint has had for many many years. My mother uses in this current needlepoint 23 color palette and the canvas is 170x120 squares.

I had to admit that pixel art is old news. It was not invented by the generation X...(sadly?) it was invented thousands of years ago by ancient egyptians.

Megaman was a mummy.


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