Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thinking ideas

I must admit that in the past I wasn't very good at thinking things thru. I always jumped to the phase where you start realising things. Results of this kind of working weren't never good and they always fell in the endless pit of 'averageness'. Sometimes they were simply awfull.

I knew I was not doing things right. I always felt that the most fun part of concept art or 3d modeling is the actual realisation. I always knew what I wanted but I had no idea how to get there. I said I knew what I wanted but I didn't really. I had these visions of mastering the techniques and wonderfull colorpalette and public aproval and so on and so on. I always lived in the future. I dreamed to make good art; when actually I was failing miserably.

You cannot realise anything that doesn't exist. It has to exist in your head and hopefully in some sort of written form also b/c human mind forgets things. Always write down your ideas, always!

After some serious thinking it's time to do some serious sketching. We are still far away from actual realisation and actual final piece of art. This is the part where you do most of the work. Thinking is important but you can do it usually pretty fast compared to this second phase.

I have spent recently at least one work day sketching. Making several dozens of variations of one idea gets you in the zone. Next is selecting couple of best and improving those and then finally I realise that oh, I have all the 'hard work' done and it was fun, even if I had always thought that this part is not necessary, because it's boring and so time consuming!
I found out that in the past I have skipped the most important part of creative process. I skipped over 90% of stuff that needs to be done so that you can do the rest 10% that is the end product.
Skipping the first 90% is like reading only the last 10 pages of book.

Make sure you think things thru and test them over and over again. Only then you can achieve something good and original. Don't waste time saving it. Save it by spending it!


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