Sunday, September 24, 2006

Relax with a Big X

Are you relaxed? oh you are, good.

I am too. Finally a good nice free weekend. I have slept like a monkey on a warm summerday and I finally had strenght to clean my flat. Wohaa!

Everything is once again locked and loaded for another week at work. I have still much to learn how to do things efficiently at work. Some things go smoothly already but somethings ain't. I tend to build presure to get the best possible results for the customer even if the project is still in it's pre production phase and not all the concept art need to be THAT finished.

Next 3 weeks are going to be pretty hectic so don't expect much "blogging" from my part. Well I get back to my sunday evening movie marathon. Cheers!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Show us the meaning of Haste

It's been quite hectic 2 weeks. Today was the first time I even remembered that I have a blog and I need to update it :)

Yeah, I'v been working my ass off lately and for a change it's fun. I love what I do (woden how long it gonna last, I thought that I never get bored of macaroni and minced meat but I did...Life is trylu strange). Last Monday I worked 13,5 hours (my personal best) and usually I do overtime from 15mins to 2-3 hours. Those days are rare when I work the normal time.

I'm not here to brag about my workng hours, I'm just saying that wometimes work is fun (don't get me wrong...I'm not doing overtime because work is fun, I'm doing it to get more time off during holidays...that way I can travel somewhere warm for weeks)

So during these couple of weeks I'v learned one valuable lesson: Always ask same quiestions twice. You'd be amazed what answers you get the second time over.

I asked from my boss "when is the deadline of this one anonymous project?" and he replied "Thursday" (It was monday at the time)

Then I asked "when does this need to be ready?" (Same question, different spelling)
The aswer was "Tomorrow".

Somehow 48 hours of work shrink into 12 hours. So I stayed overtime (that was the 13+ day)

But who cares, It's fun.

When I was a kid I never thought that I would draw for work (though, I dreamed of it), But now I do. And I get a decent salary from doing it. I can't complain. I'm happy this way.

Oh, If there is something to complain about it's the coffee. Sometimes is pretty "tasty" in a bad way :D But it's better than no coffee at all... so no complaints there either.

Oh, Now I got it! My back! Today I had this awfull pain in my back when I picked up my sneakers from my friends balcony door. It was like terrible. Everything went bright white for a second or so. Now it's pretty ok. No pain no gain.

It's getting late now so I leave you with my warm thoughts and please comment so I can hear from you (friends or foes :)


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy

Whii! It's been now 3 days in a row sitting in front of my double monitor desk. I'v been working smoothly and drinking tasty coffee once in a while. Working 8+ hours a day is good way to spend the time and after that you just don't have energy to do anything...s'pecially sit in front of a home computer! I have developed a dislike to all freetime computing (either with PC or with my brain) I just want to enjoy simple things that doesn't cause too many brainwaves.

So I have started to watch Big Brother. Big minus for BB is that it comes so late and usually at the same time as the exellent imported tv-series like Rome or Prison Break. And this hulabalooza is going to get worse. There is Dr.Who, House, Lost, Kovan onnen kundi and many other series that are coming up soon. I guess it means less sleep. Oh well, there is enough time to sleep when your dead.

And if things aren't enough troublesome yet I lforgot my Mobile phones PIN code today and spent 1h of my precious free time queuing to customer service... Nice.

Oh well, Topi dropped by, gotta go, Cheerz!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

There and back again... a second title to the book The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien.

It's pretty much the way I want also to open this blog. I think any new phase in life deserves a new title. Let the There and back again be the title of my newest turn of a tide.

I got my first steady job as a graphic artist and I'm happy. I feel like time before last friday was the end of my fulltime student 'career' and now it's time for new things that bring some substance to my life.

So last friday (actually Wednesday) I started my first real job and things started out smoothly and I felt quite good. I had fantastic summer under my belt and I am fully charged and ready to do some hard work. I think I am smart enough to keep everything balanced and I promise I won't burn out even if I have to work long days. My mother taught me that you need to know when to take time off from your work b/c she didn't and the work pressure caused her to get sick and it took many years to overcome that burnout.

I cannot talk anything about the work itself or the company and it's better that way. I stick to the coffeebreak gossip or if anything worth sharing doesn't come up I bore you (and me) with some idealistic chitchat :)

And I promised also to myself that I won't update this blog during week ends so let this be the last time!