Saturday, September 02, 2006

There and back again... a second title to the book The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien.

It's pretty much the way I want also to open this blog. I think any new phase in life deserves a new title. Let the There and back again be the title of my newest turn of a tide.

I got my first steady job as a graphic artist and I'm happy. I feel like time before last friday was the end of my fulltime student 'career' and now it's time for new things that bring some substance to my life.

So last friday (actually Wednesday) I started my first real job and things started out smoothly and I felt quite good. I had fantastic summer under my belt and I am fully charged and ready to do some hard work. I think I am smart enough to keep everything balanced and I promise I won't burn out even if I have to work long days. My mother taught me that you need to know when to take time off from your work b/c she didn't and the work pressure caused her to get sick and it took many years to overcome that burnout.

I cannot talk anything about the work itself or the company and it's better that way. I stick to the coffeebreak gossip or if anything worth sharing doesn't come up I bore you (and me) with some idealistic chitchat :)

And I promised also to myself that I won't update this blog during week ends so let this be the last time!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check this out, daily trivia questions and contests, come join in on the fun!

4/9/06 12:52  
Anonymous jj naas said...

I have a stressful summer behind, so it's also nice to be in a real work. I suppose I can't talk too much about details. Each day can be summarized as: 09:00 work begins, 10:00 break - geek chat, 12:00 a bagful of noodles.. mama's, shrimp flavour. 14:00 break -geek chat, 17:00 home.

Yesterday I accidentally worked for 1 hour too long.

5/9/06 10:15  
Blogger 3DARTo said... days start a hour earlier 0800 and I usually spend my two coffee breaks devidid in a multible cigarette breaks. And I stuff my belly full of food before going to job so I don't have to eat...and so I leave around 16:15 and have a nice afternoon :)I was thinking that maybe I go to work someday at 0600 so I can leave at 14pm! that would rule! or not.

7/9/06 20:23  

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