Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Solo flying mystery man

Today I turned 30. Now I start to have grey hairs and I already feel that all my bodyparts start to ache.

So what does a man do when he celebrates his 30th birthday? Well I worked good 9 hours (woke up a hour later than usual). Then I took my family to dinner (First time in my life I had the maney to pay for everybody). Now I'm writing this blog because I don't want this day to be blank spot on my blog :)

So with no further chit chat lemme frase Jay-Z:

"And i don't wear jerseys I'm thirty plus
Give me a crisp pair of jeans nigga button ups
S dots on my feet

Make a cypher comeplete
What more can I say Guru play the beat, I'm livin

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Staying alive with the Deadline... hard.

It kills a man. no wonder they call it "deadline". It's literally a matter of life and dead.

Tomorrow is the day of my second deadline so far. Now it's not up to me to keep it and I'm a little concerned. Still I am the one responsible if the deadline fails. Somehow I got in the position where I'm assumed to be the one who keeps these things under control...with this project anyhow.

I hope everything goes smoothly but I have doubts. It wouldn't bother me if it was my job but I'm a simple artist, used to keep my own deadlines under control, not the whole project. I'm an ant. I play my part and other people see the big picture. So I have to organize this project and make time for it because I have another project under works and it consumes more than 9 hours of my working time per day. And then there is this other project that takes my time too daily from 1 hour to 4 hours. There just isn't time for anything else. Least of all doing things that I'v never done before and don't have education for. oh... my Graphic management MA, yeah right, forgot about that...doesn't help a bit.

So if I get a one wish I hope I nail this project tomorrow and move on doing things that I want to do and learn.

I said in the introduction that "I am a learner". That is still true. I want to learn things, things that involve somehow art and areas like that. Not business management. I don't want to learn how to install electric wires or do a bypass surgery. or business management.

At some level it's good to know how to plan schedules and stuff but in the end it's not the world I wanna know. Not if I have already 11 hours of other work to do daily.

Otherwise it's been nice working at the studio. Somebody please, make my wish come true and I promise not to whine at all this month!

PS: I won't watch no more Big Brother 2006 because it just turned boring after all the cool people have been voted out by angry feminists!!! Well, it means that I can go to sleep earlier from this day on. Wohaa!