Saturday, December 16, 2006

We are...

...Pigs. Humans generally are (even if the genealogy argues, we are).

I went to have tipsy time in city "tadaa" with my colleques in crime and it was fun "tadaa"

So I'm drunk. Right now.

It's hard to form clear and expecially LONG sentences. Alcohol is a wonderous thing. I had couple of classes of vine, roughly 3 litres of beer and few "marskinryyppy's" and of coz one poron kyynel. It was the Lapland Studio small christmass party. Everything was really nice... nobody wen't mental and everything stayed civilizied (or as civilizied as we can be).

Evening started with some sauna action and karaoke and we "shortly" moved to eat at restaurant starting with a letter "G"

We caused the posh restaurant to keep their tab open 1h past the closing time because we kindly forgot to leave :D so at last the mildly ashamed waitress had enough courage to come over and ask us to leave. We were pretty noizy but then again, we dranklots of alcohol and ate like starving vertexbenders eat. So I hope they got some money to compensate their misery. Did anyone remember to tip them?... ups.

We are Pigs! (once a year)


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